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Explore games through the lens of user experience design as well as the process of designing for games.

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    In this episode, a fantastic panel of designers (Brian Lovin, Christina Nguyen, and Michael Schultz) talk about the class-based multiplayer online action shooter named Overwatch. From the game's character balance to the annoyance of being kicked from your loot boxes waiting for a match, we discuss the ins-and-outs of Blizzard's FPS masterwork.

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    Destiny 2 Initial Reactions

    I get together with Jeff Shafar and Clay Houser, my Destiny fireteam, to talk about our time with Destiny 1 and react to the gameplay of Destiny 2.

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    Jason Cashdollar on League of Legends

    Jason Cashdollar, a former UX researcher turned product designer talks about League of Legends, a game he’s dumped hundreds of hours into and one I’ve never played.

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    A quick introduction to Games UX.